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USPS Not Accepting Letters to Santa This Year At North Pole

  • Your letters may not get to Santa this year.

    Your letters may not get to Santa this year.

    While we all gear up for the frenetic Christmas holiday season, the USPS is killing off one of its most useful functions in a bloated wasteful government.

    The USPS has decided to cancel its long held tradition of opening letters sent to North Pole, Alaska because a child sex offender was apparently volunteering to open letters sent by children.

    The USPS would then send a letter back to the child from Santa Claus. Is there nothing sacred anymore? I mean, how sick do you have to be to get off on reading a wish list from a child? My solution?

    Fire the pervert and have better screening for people who wish to do this job, because someone’s gotta read these letters!

    And what is going to happen when Santa doesn’t write back? Lots of disappointed little boys and girls.

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