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Another useless thing the Japanese will try to sell you!

‘Therapeutic ringtones’ for mobile phones create a buzz in Japan – Times Online.

This is the G-MAN!

The Japanese are light years ahead of all of us people!  In the future your cell phone is going to be your best friend…after it gets implanted into your BRAIN!

The first therapeutic tone, a high-energy rhythm, tested for The Times by Ms Sendo and Ms Wakabayashi, was supposed to provide a sudden burst of impetus to sluggardly housewives. Yukari and Ayaka had their doubts.

Yeah, try that out over here, however you might need to turn up the volume about 500%.  The American work ethic isn’t, ahem, shall we say, what it used to be.

I think I like this one the best, since spring just started here in the northern hemisphere…

Mr Suzuki’s latest ringtone has been timed to coincide with the Japanese hay fever season. The Ohana Sukkiri Melody emits a series of sounds at different frequencies “so that people can choose the sound that resonates most to their sinus and causes pollen lodged there to fall from the nasal cavity”.

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