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Did Apple Really Lose 4G iPhone, Or Is This Just Clever Marketing?

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  • From PC World

    The latest on that alleged iPhone 4G prototype: Brian Lam, Gizmodo’s editorial director, has published an official letter he received from Apple requesting that the device be returned immediately. Gizmodo believes that such official communication proves the device is real. However, it should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that the device is the next iPhone–just that it’s an Apple prototype of some sort.
    How the Phone Was Found

    The iPhone 4G prototype–at least, that’s what Gizmodo assumes it is–was reportedly found by an anonymous bar-goer at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a German beer garden in Redwood City, near San Francisco. The phone was discovered on a barstool at midnight on Thursday, March 19. The person who found the phone asked around the bar to see if anyone had lost an iPhone 3GS (the phone had a case on it that made it look like a 3GS), but nobody claimed it. The person then unlocked the phone and found the Facebook page of Apple software engineer, Gray Powell, still signed in. The person decided to try to return it in the morning.

    Gizmodo says that the person woke up to find the phone dead–thanks to Apple’s MobileMe service, which allows users to wipe their stolen iPhones of all data, remotely. The person then noticed the phone looked different from other iPhones–for one thing, it had a front-facing camera–and managed to remove the “disguise” case. Upon discovering that this iPhone was not like any other iPhone out there, this person promptly forgot their promise to find Gray Powell and return the phone, and started selling to the highest bidder.

    So a drunk Apple Nerd loses his phone in a bar, and now Apple wants it back…yeah, this has clever marketing by product placement ALL OVER IT, only designed to create even more unnecessary hype for an already over hyped product!

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