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Baltimore City Cop Fired For Disciplining Skateboarder

So a bunch of skaters were shredding in downtown Baltimore along the Inner Harbor about 3 years ago when Officer Rivieri confronted the youths, telling them to stop.

I’ll let you watch what happened next and let you decide if this guy should have been fired or the kid just needed a boot up his ass that his actual father never provided.

Sounds like anyone would have been glad to do this to this little snot nosed punk.

Sorry little kid, but you don’t call a 300 pound police officer “dude” and expect to walk away with a stupid grin on your zit covered face.

There are other places to skate, they knew it was illegal to skate along the Inner Harbor, the little snot tried to get a rise out of the officer to impress his friends, and now a 19 year old veteran police loved by the community has been fired for political correctness in the city of Baltimore where the politicians protect the criminals.

Apparently the lovely child now has the word “dude” tatooed on his arm. He learned a lesson from this, just the wrong one. It is also clear that the child’s father also has no control over his son, and he has already lawyer-ed up to try and make some money off of this.

Not so charming is it now B’more?

What do you think? Should he have been fired? Comment and tell everyone what you think!

Thanks to WBAL TV

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