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Facebook Tries to Trademark Word “Face”, The Internet Is Dying

facebook hell

A cancer has taken over the beloved internet called “Facebook”. It consists of the minor opinions and collectivism of mediocrity and cam whores. At the head is the innocent looking Zuckerberg, claiming to want to unite everyone, of course, we know his true intentions…

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Having already gone after sites using the word “book” in their title, they now attempt to trademark “face”, sealing the internet’s inevitable doom by giant corporations looking to squeeze every last drop of creativity out of it and turn it into greenbacks.

It has even come out that Mark Zuckerberg, the so called “Facebook” founder, apparently stole much of the site’s design and ideas from people smarter and more creative than him.

Bill Gates would like to have you over for pizza and movie night Mark.

The evil Zucker has gone after a community of online teachers for using the word “book” in “Teachbook”, clearly out to slice into the profits of Facebook, which are growing bigger everyday as more and more of its user’s privacy is sapped up by the stockholders of the company.

It’s time to stand up to the evil satan of the internet. Tell Zucker what you think by not clicking on Facebook ads and by educating people about the corporate stranglehold this man is attempting to put on the internet.

Thanks to CNN

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