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James Lee, Nutcase Enviromentalist Is Shot Dead, Hostages Freed

Seems like another environmentalist wackjob tried to save earth by killing people in the name of saving, as the gunman quoted…”all the lions, tigers, bears, puppies, froggies…”, you get the idea, total nutjob.

The man, James Lee, took three people as hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, MD today. Police say he entered the building with something that looked like a scuba tank strapped to his back and started waving a gun in the air…

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All hostages were saved, but the police shot James Lee dead. Funny how he is now the one that is dead, not the animals he was trying to save? Ironic isn’t it?

He apparently had a blog, savetheplanetprotest.com, of which some of his insanity can be seen in the archive image of his site below…

Download and View James Lee’s Demands/Rant

His motive for taking hostages was to make the Discovery Channel broadcast programming declaring an end to the overfishing, overhunting of wildlife on the planet and the cessation of humanity as we know it. He wanted people to stop breeding and stated the earth’s human population was reaching its limit.

He even made a pilot show for the Discovery Channel that was never aired.

Well James Lee, now we have one less person on the planet, and its a good thing you are gone before you killed anyone. It’s sad that this man had to solve his problem with humanity this way. He could have helped so many more people save animals instead of killing them.

What are your thoughts?

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