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Turkey Amends Constitution, Gives More Power To Erdogan’s AKP Party

Here is your world news update. Turkey has amended its constitution to include several reforms, some of which are controversial as seen by opponents of prime minister Erdogan’s AKP party.

Several amendments include reforms to affirmative action, women and children’s rights, and the curbing of the power of military courts. The most controversial reform however gives the parliament the power to appoint judges, and opponents see this as giving the ruling party and prime minister too much power. Erdogan’s AKP party is the current ruling majority in parliament, and has been in conflict with opponents who seek to reform Turkey and make it more secular and friendly to the west.

Kurds in Turkey also oppose the new reforms. They say that they are still not recognized and that their rights and autonomy are being trampled on by Erdogan’s government. One bystander was wounded by Kurdish activists who were throwing rocks and stones at bystanders and police vehicles in downtown Istanbul on Friday.

Erdogan has said he will work harder with the Kurdish minority in Turkey, but only after he pushes through his party’s reforms. Only time will tell if he stands by his words as he consolidates more of the voting power in the Turkish judicial system.

From CNN

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