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Pest Or Delicacy? Stinkbugs Destroying Crops On East Coast

  • Armed with a hardened shell almost like a tank, stinkbugs, tiny gray bugs about the size of your fingernail, are invading and destroying crops in Western Maryland, and other states in the northeast could be next.

    It eats almost every crop, and apple orchards in Western Maryland have taken a huge economic hit because of the stinkbug, with some farmers yields down almost 20%.

    This bugs official name is the “brown marmorated stink bug”, and it is an invasive species native to Asia that started appearing in the mid 1990’s.

    In Mexico, people eat the stinkbug and it is considered a delicacy, often put in tacos. People that eat the bugs say they taste like cinnamon. Not only delicious, the bugs are loaded with vitamin B2, which is good for metabolism and overall bodily function.

    Perhaps Mexico would consider importing more stinkbugs from the United States.

    From Fox News

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