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Stuxnet Worm May Have Targeted Iran’s Nuclear Power Plant

A new computer virus has been spreading since June targeting industrial machinery including nuclear power plants. Tens of thousands of infections of the “Stuxnet” virus have been reported. Iran reports the largest number of infections of the “Stuxnet” virus that is capable of infecting industrial machinery through a USB drive plugged into the machines computer.

The virus is so complex and expertly coded that experts agree it was most likely written by a nation state like Israel or the U.S. with well funded financial backing, but they still say it could have been written by the hacking underground, and it is not clear Iran was the main target of the virus.

More and more machinery in warehouses and power plants are vulnerable to computer viruses that could “take over” the machines, increasing pressure, turning valves, causing meltdowns, and wreaking general physical havoc on the factory and its workers, not to mention residents living around power plants.

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