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Blackberry’s Playbook On Track To Compete With Apple’s iPad

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  • Research In Motion, maker of Blackberry smartphones, has just declared war on Apple.

    The bloodbath has just begun with Research In Motion entering the tablet wars with its tablet named “Playbook”, which should go on sale sometime early in 2011.

    Apple has had the smartphone tablet market all to itself, with projections it will sell 50.4 million of the devices by the end of 2012; that’s if this newest tablet war doesn’t destroy the earth before the Mayan apocalypse will.

    The specs are out:

    • it has a 7-inch screen, about 2 inches smaller than the iPad
    • two video cameras
    • It will rely on a QNX operating system
    • It will have Bluetooth and wi-fi for a 3G connection
    • BlackBerry users can tether their phone to it, the playbook is thus not a “smartphone”
    • Has a dual core processor that may impact battery life

    Developers at the unveiling of the Playbook launch at a backstage event could only see the device encased in glass and were not able to hold it or try the device out.

    No final price has been set yet, but speculators suspect it will sell for around $500.

    Detractors say it must compete with Apple’s app market which shows no signs of giving up on its stranglehold of application variety and simplicity.

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