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London Subway Workers Strike On Tube Over Job Cuts


Londoners will have trouble getting into work Monday morning.

All lines on the London Underground have stopped since 7pm on Sunday as Members of the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union and the Transport Salaried Staffs Association have walked out over 800 job cuts that have affected mainly office ticketing staff.

Transport For London transportation authority has taken steps to help get Londoners into work more smoothly by stopping road construction projects and running extra buses and river transport for millions of Londoners.

Read on to find out what London’s mayor has to say about the strike…

London’s mayor Boris Johnson has called the strikes a “political attack” on the coalition government.

Johnson said, writing in the Daily Telegraph:

“We need to take account of the fact that some ticket offices are now selling fewer than 10 tickets an hour. We need to liberate staff to get out on to the platforms and concourses where they can be of most use to the travelling public.

“We have come up with a way of doing this that keeps a ticket office at every station that currently possesses one, and, remarkably, given the colossal budgetary pressures we face, we are able to do this with no compulsory redundancies.

“There will be no loss of earnings, and I cannot stress enough that all stations will remain staffed at all times. This is the package which the RMT leadership now demands is taken off the table before talks can resume, while their political lackeys now pretend that I should invite Bob Crow in for beer and sandwiches in City Hall.

“That is absurd, outrageous and wrong. We cannot reward the bad behaviour of militants whose objectives are plainly nothing to do with the terms and conditions of their members, and everything to do with a political attack on the coalition government and, to a lesser extent, on City Hall.”

The government has encouraged workers to bike in to work and have staffed extra volunteers at tube stations to help commuters find their way to work.

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