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Eighth Reported UFO Sighting Shuts Down China Airport

A photo of the alleged UFO over Xiaoshan Airport

Residents in Xiaoshan might want to believe they saw an alien craft, but it looks like their imaginations got the better of them.

An airport in Inner Mongolia shut down because of reports of a UFO sighting, which turned out to be a military aircraft. The aircraft shut the airport down for several hours, and over five flights were delayed because of airspace restrictions.

Air traffic controllers at the airport saw the object on their radar.

This is the eighth sighting of a UFO since June at the Xiaoshan airport.

Read on to find out what residents saw…

Hangzhou residents said they saw a hovering object bathed in golden light with a comet-like tail. Residents said they also saw the flying object emitting red and white rays of light.

Resident Ma Shijun said he saw the object while taking a night time walk with his wife…

“I felt a beam of light over my head. Looking up, I saw a streak of bright, white light flying across the sky, so I picked up the camera and took the photo. The time was 8:26 p.m. However, whether the object was a plane, or whether it was Xiaoshan Airport’s UFO, I don’t have a clear answer…”

According to Hangzhou meteorological authorities, residents probably saw light reflecting off of an airplane. Beijing Planetarium curator Zhu Jing said that the object looks just like a plane shining its strobe lamps.

Chinese authorities have denied the incident happened and an investigation is ongoing.

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