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A Currency War Is Brewing Between China and the U.S.

A Currency War is Brewing

The growing economies of the world have all too long relied on American demand to support their mercantilist economies. China is at the head of this list, and the Federal Reserve with support of a U.S. Senate vote, will began flooding China’s economy with liquidity in an attempt to make it cheaper for foreign economies to buy U.S. goods and services.

China has too long suppressed its currency and the U.S. cannot cope with a weak currency while unemployment numbers head above 10%.

Flooding China’s economy with excess liquidity will cause China’s wage costs to rise, making it prohibitively expensive to manufacture goods to export to the U.S.

Many support the return of a gold standard to add value and confidence to the U.S. dollar.


  1. _Enlightened_  March 9, 2012 at 9:23 am

    “Many support the return of a gold standard to add value and confidence to the U.S. dollar.”

    WHAT gold?? the USA HAS NO GOLD. this is why they KILLED GADAFFI (converting afrika’s currency to PURE GOLD, a REAL sharing of the country wealth with its people, something capitalistic Amerikkka doens’t know about. they just know enslavement, free labor, lies & deception. They’d rather kill than get along. it’s called the left-brained dominated eurocentric world view, the caucasion disease.

    Gold was done away with when other countries wanted their money and was withdrawing gold. Nixon shock of 1971 took away the gold for paper fake fiat money as you have now. You have no gold, all you have is a “debt” note that isn’t money aka USA monopoly paper money. ITs that the USA has NO money and are in debt so you give them a piece of paper saying “usa in in debt and this is a debt to pay a debt”. THIS is why YOU guys have social security (basically slave number to work back thru a 9-5 the money/work owed by the USA). I dont do social security or no medicare no government junk. I AM self sufficient. I AM wealthy & rich.

    so again dont go thinking the usa has money. they just lieing like everything else. Like when bush knocked down 9/11 towers using you weak sheeple emotions to goto war over the unocal pipeline they didn’t want to build thru iraq (to get oil to the USA) so they knock down towers blame it on terrorist to goto war. because the USA sheeple say its ok “terrorist did that! kil them!” haha sheeple are so easily manipulated. and if u watch tv AT ALL still you are a sheeple. if you brush your teeth with fluoride you are sheeple. you are far gone and poisoned. Haile Selassie I!

    • Namari  February 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm

      Your posting lays bare the truth


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