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Chef Gordon Ramsay Wasn’t Always So Mean


Hell’s Kitchen fans know Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his short temper and outbursts at the chef contestants on his television show, but before Hell’s Kitchen there was a more toned down Chef Ramsay that appeared on his previous show Kitchen Nightmares.

The chef still criticized restaurant owners and staff, but with much less anger and cursing.

Here we see a side of Ramsay that people who watch Hell’s Kitchen may have never seen.

Kitchen Nightmares emphasized more problem solving than Hell’s Kitchen does. The cuisine and food of Hell’s Kitchen is almost pushed aside as the show focuses more on the insults and arguments contestants and Ramsay get into.

But Hell’s Kitchen shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, with some of the highest ratings ever in its current season, so don’t expect to see the old Gordon Ramsay before he turned into the head chef of Hell.

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