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How To Avoid The Backup At The Newark Delaware Toll Plaza This Thanksgiving


If you are traveling on I-95 around Newark Delaware this Thanksgiving, expect a traffic nightmare.

If you are traveling on I-95 around Newark Delaware this Thanksgiving, expect a traffic nightmare.

Many traveling around the I-95 corridor this week for Thanksgiving need to be wary of the Newark Toll Plaza construction project.

Officials say traffic will be backed up for almost 20-30 miles en route to the toll plaza, and veteran travelers through the area say they completely avoid it due to the hassles involved in stopping and having to hand their money over to the tax free state of Delaware.

The state of Delaware is expected to lose money on the $4 toll this year as state officials urge travelers to avoid it. Even if you have EZ Pass, you will most likely sit in traffic along with other drivers attempting to slog through the toll plaza.

Here are some alternate routes you can use to avoid this holiday travel headache courtesy of the Baltimore Sun:

— I-95 to Route 279 toward Newark, then right onto Iron Hill Road, then left onto Chestnut Hill Road, then right onto Route 896 (South College Avenue), then back onto I-95. (Last time I posted this one, some travelers wrote in to say people shouldn’t use it because it involves local streets. They preferred the next one.)
— Take Route 279 to Elkton Road, which becomes Route 2. Then go north about two miles, right on Route 4 (Christiana Parkway) for about a mile, then right again on College Avenue, with I-95 ahead.
— Other travelers from the D.C. area go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and take Route 301 north over the scenic Eastern Shore up to I-95/495 in Delaware, east of the toll plaza.

Wider routes
There’s an east and a west way from the D.C. area north to Pennsylvania and then east to New Jersey and New York.

Eastern way. Take I-95 or the Baltimore Washington Parkway to the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) and take that west and north around the city to I-83 and go north to the Harrisburg, Pa., area. From there, you can link up with I-76, I-81 and I-78 to head east.

Western way. From the Leesburg area, take U.S. 15 north across the Potomac. Or for Marylanders, take I-270 west to Frederick and pick up U.S. 15. (Many people regard this as back-tracking. Why go west to go east? But advocates say it’s still better than spending time on the hated I-95.) U.S. 15 will take you to the Harrisburg area, where again, you can pick up I-76, I-81 and I-78.

Either way you look at it, these alternate routes may also be backed up, so it is best to plan ahead and leave early for your Thanksgiving holiday.

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