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My Thoughts On The Conclusion of Season 8 Of Hell’s Kitchen

It's the high school douchebag you love to hate, versus the southern belle with a forked tongue.

It's the high school douchebag you love to hate, versus the southern belle with a forked tongue.


Wow, could they have sent Gordon any more bums and losers this season? There just wasn’t a contestant you could really root for. It seemed they were all in it for themselves.

Especially Russell, who turned out to be a selfish, fat, slob, who physically assaulted Rob in the tense final minutes of the finale of season 8 of Hell’s Kitchen. Vinny called him out for once, saying Russell was “the biggest douchebag” on the show.

Nona, the southern belle and purveyor of fried chicken sandwiches, turned out to be the winner, and wasn’t as bad as Russell was. At least she didn’t smack anyone on the head with a frying pan. Past season winners, like Dave Leavy, really seemed to care about the team, but one could tell from watching last night Nona was WAY more of a team player.

Russell really screwed himself by trying to push food out too fast to the diners, having bloody steaks and rotten meat sent back into the kitchen. Nona had to use the F word in her kitchen at least once to get everyone under control, and when she let it rip, WATCH OUT, she meant business.

And the classic Boris was back, who Russell once called a “russian pig”, cooked a halibut properly for the first time the whole season, possibly saving Nona’s butt in the final minutes. It was still a great season, memorable moments, but the show is getting sleazier and sleazier with each season.

How much more can now multi-billionaire Gordon take before he is sipping cocktails in retirement?


  1. Russell  December 29, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    Russell DESERVED to win! Those LOSERS sabotaged the great chef!

    • Salt  March 1, 2019 at 5:30 pm

      Ha. Karma. He bullied and disrespected everyone; he DESERVED that pain of losing the competition.

  2. Russ is a doucher  June 14, 2019 at 2:12 am

    Russell had a shitty pallet and even shittier attitude. He screwed himself right out of 1st place.


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