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Saudi Arabia Financing Radical Islam In Kosovo

Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren, Serbia. Prizren in Kosovo is one of the few cities with ancient architecture and " nice " to visit as a tourist.

Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren, Serbia.  Prizren in Kosovo is one of the few cities with ancient architecture and is a tourism destination. Credit Creative Commons.

Reports are coming in from Kosovo that money from Saudi Arabia is flowing into the country to finance radical Islam or Wahhabism, a strain of Islam some consider extreme and fundamentalist.

Wahhabism is a branch of Sunni Islam revived in the 18th century in Saudi Arabia that takes a more literal interpretation of the Koran.

The money is said to be used to build mosques, and to help poor neighborhoods.

Mosques are supposedly monitored by the community to ensure radical preaching is not tolerated, says expert Jabir Hamiti, but one mosque was closed recently because of a Wahhabi Imam that was using money to win over poor villagers.

There were reports of children being covered from head to toe and reported religious field trips to Saudi Arabia.

Members of the mosque were outraged at the Kosovo government for allowing the teachings to take place.

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