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George Lucas Shall Burn In Blu Ray Hell

George Lucas is a demon.

Sure, the entire two triologies of Star Wars films will be released in high definition Blu Ray in September, but not the original theatrical versions that we all knew and loved.


We will get the versions that George Lucas “maimed” with a computer after he realized how much money he could make cashing in on “3D” and DVD releases.

Of course, George couldn’t have us seeing his cheesy special effects that look terrible by year 2011 standards. But that is what made the films great. They were ahead of their time, and now, he is crapping all over them.

But of course, I will most likely buy them on Blu Ray. Why, because, I am a fan of Star Wars, and not the demon overlord at Skywalker Ranch.

Sometimes, I wish the movies were never made, but if that were the case, I wouldn’t be writing this now would I?

Just something to think about.

Oh and yeah, George, I will never forget how you emasculated Han. He shot first.

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