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Dentist Finds Lost Credit Card, Orders Pizzas, Police Were Waiting

Richard Ludwig, pizza and credit card thief.

Richard Ludwig, pizza and credit card thief.

Richard Ludwig, a dentist in Michigan, found a college student and veteran Harrun Majeed’s credit card in a parking lot and bought $40 worth of pizza with it.

Ludwig, who was in town for his son’s college baseball game, had plenty of money to pay for the pizzas himself, about $3 million dollars, which is what he laughingly told the police he was worth when the police found him waiting inside Mia Pizza Pasta Kitchen for the pizzas.

Majeed lost the card in the shopping plaza where Ludwig was ordering the pizzas, and returned to look for his card which the credit card company said was being used to buy pizzas.

Richard Ludwig told the police he had a “momentary lapse in judgement” when he used the stolen card to buy the pizzas.

Where’s the justice?

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