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STATE OF EMERGENCY declared at Fukushima nuclear plants after earthquake and tsunami

  • Damage can be seen at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake

    Damage can be seen at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake


    A state of emergency now has been declared at two nuclear power plants that have begun to meltdown along the northern Honshu coast of Japan in Fukushima after Friday’s devastating earthquake of 8.9 magnitude followed by a 33 foot tsunami that virtually leveled everything in its path.

    Officials say a meltdown scenario is imminent and those who have not left the area should leave now to avoid radioactive material.

    The quake knoced out power at the two plants, and officials say the radioactive steam escaping from the plants would not be a safety issue, although thousands were evacuated in a 6 mile radius upgraded from 3 miles originally.

    Helicopters rescued people displaced by the tsunami, with thousands of people feared dead as villages were seemingly washed away by water that carried people and vehicles for miles.

    Massive power outages are unavoidable int he coming days says Japan’s major power company TEPCO.

    The entire town of Kesennuma home to 70,000 people burned to the ground through the night on Friday.

    Narita airport in Tokyo has re-opened, but most airports are still closed and covered with water. Rail service is still disrupted, with millions stranded throughout the country with nowhere to go.

    A river of water takes over a runway at an airport in Japan.

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