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Increasing Radiation Spewing Out Of Damaged Reactor In Japan Eight Times Legal Limit

  • People living around the Fukushima Nuclear plant are being checked for radiation exposure.

    People living around the Fukushima Nuclear plant are being checked for radiation exposure.


    After the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that sent a 33 foot tsunami roaring across northeastern Japan damaging the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, radiation is now leaking out of the plant at about eight times the legal limit.

    Early Tuesday, an explosion at the plant prompted another evacuation of everyone within a 12 mile radius.

    8217 microsieverts an hour were leaking from the damaged plant. The annual safe legal limit is 1000 microsieverts, which is the amount of radiation someone is exposed to in a year from plane travel and the atmosphere.

    Medical experts agree this amount is capable of causing damage to human health, said a Japanese official.

    Tokyo city will be exposed to low level radiation in hours said the French Embassy.

    Air China has canceled all flights to and from Tokyo. Stores in Tokyo are now sold out of radios, flashlights, candles, gasoline containers and sleeping bags.

    South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines are now testing Japanese food imports for radiation.

    The reactor’s cooling systems were damaged when backup power was cut to the plant.

    About 50 workers are still in the highly radiated area in the plant attempting to prevent meltdowns from occurring by flooding the chambers with seawater.

    An official revealed that the fuel rods were exposed for a period time after a water pump failed.

    A meltdown has not been reported yet, but is the worst case scenario.

    In that case, the highly volatile nuclear material in the reactor core will become so hot it will melt through the containment facility, sinking into the earth where it will create a massive explosion sending radioactive material soaring into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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