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Rebecca Black’s Horrible “Friday” Gets 29 Millions Views on YouTube

Well, you folks finally did it.

Click the video if you must listen to it, but if you do it will just make it harder to kill her career as more moronic teenagers are looking up their behinds to expand their musical tastes.

By repeatedly watching Rebecca Black’s ear bleeding song “Friday” on Youtube 29 million times and repeatedly posting nasty things about her in the comments section, you just got her listed on iTunes where her song is now the 25 most downloaded song.

Not that anyone ever said iTunes was an accurate judge of good music, but it just goes to show you, if you ignore it, it will die.

Sadly, that did not happen in this case, did it?

Complete with terrible Auto Tuned vocals and an idiotic video, you fools are going to make it number one if you keep bashing it on YouTube.

The songs lyrics read like the ramblings of an insane person:

Ones like “yesterday was Thursday Thursday, today it is Friday Friday”, “gotta get down to the bus stop, gotta get my bus, i see my friends” and “we we we so excited, we so excited”.

On her record label’s website, a cheesy corporate bio can be seen:

On its website it says its main objective is to discover future number one artists and produce the next outstanding star.

Rebecca’s profile page on the site describes her as “a fun loving, 13-year-old”.

“She loves to sing, dance and act, and she is always looking to try something new,” it says.

“She landed the lead role in her school musical, Oklahoma!”

There are many parents willing to pay whatever it takes to make their children become the next Justin Bieber.

Hopefully people will wake up and this will be last of the spawn of Justin Bieber.

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