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USPS Epic Fail, Uses Las Vegas Version of Statue Of Liberty In New Stamp

Sure they are both the Statue of Liberty, but one is half the size with different facial features.

Sure they are both the Statue of Liberty, but one is half the size with different facial features.

In another humiliating defeat for the United States Postal Service who keeps losing money like a ship taking on water, the USPS issued a Statue Of Liberty stamp that features the “Las Vegas” edition of lady liberty instead of the one sitting in the mouth of the Hudson River in New York.

The USPS was oblivious to the error until a stamp collector told the weekly stamp news magazine ‘Linn’s Stamp News’ that the facial features on the new stamp resembled the half sized statue sitting outside a casino in Las Vegas Nevada with crudely painted blocks where the windows in the crown should be.

The USPS even printed informational material about the stamp writing that the stamp features the actual Statue Of Liberty in New York.

The error is a big one. Three billion of the 44-cent forever stamps were printed and the post office has no plans to halt production but will change printed material about the stamp and make it clear that it is the Las Vegas version of the statue.

“The image is accurate,” said Roy Betts, a spokesman for the US postal service. “Just of the Vegas version, not the one in New York”.

Betts says the picture for the stamp was selected from photography agency.

“But we love the stamp and would have chosen this photograph anyway,” he said. No stamps will be withdrawn and it is possible more will be produced.

Gordon Absher, a spokesman for the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas, said the postal service had chosen to honour not one but “two great American institutions – the Statue of Liberty and Las Vegas”.

Former mayor of New York city Ed Koch who once claimed New York city to be the center of the universe said, “It simply means the post office is doing a stupid thing.”

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