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Turkish Internet Domain Names Banned For Containing Forbidden Words

  • From Hurriyet Daily News

    Tens of thousands of Turkish internet domains and websites may have to be shut down or change their internet address for containing words that have been banned by the Turkish Telecommunications Directorate.

    Most of the words are English words that have a different meaning in Turkish. Others have been banned outright for their meaning in English.

    Amongst the list of 138 banned words are:

    beat, escort, homemade, hot, nubile, free, teen, “pic” short for picture, is banned because it means “bastard” in Turkish, “got” because it means “butt” in Turkish, and haydar because in Turkish slang it means penis…and for some reason the word “animal” is also banned

    “,” ( because it has the English word “anal” in it

    and finally websites cannot use the number 31 in their domain name in Turkey because 31 is slang for male “masturbation”.

    The director warned that websites that use the words will be “shut down”.

    Many have criticized the conservative Erdogan government in Turkey for what they see as a step backwards in free speech and human rights.

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