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Reuters Releases Bloody Photos of Three Dead Men In Bin Laden Hideout

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    Reuters has published photos of three dead men in Osama bin Laden’s hideout with blood pouring from their mouths.

    The White House refuses to release a photo showing Osama bin Laden shot through the head fearing it may create more terrorism and put Americans abroad in the path of harm. The photos were taken by a Pakistani official soon after a NAVY Seal team performed a raid on the hideout killing bin Laden.

    Weapons are not visible in the photos. The photographer likely cropped them out to focus close up on the faces of the killed. The official who wishes to remain anonymous sold the photographs to Reuters for an undisclosed price.

    A large pool of blood can be seen under one of the dead in one photo. A second shows another man with blood running from his nose. A third man, in a T-shirt, is on his back with blood pooling from what appears to be a head wound.


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