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Is Cars 2 Too Violent For Kids? Scene Shows Cartoon Car Being Tortured

Spoiler alert…

Some who saw Cars 2 this weekend with their kids were probably covering their child’s eyes with a bucket of popcorn.

They think “Cars 2” a supposed “children’s” movie about cartoon Cars is just too violent for kids and includes subject matter children might not understand.

For example there is a scene where a cartoon car is being “tortured” akin to being waterboarded over a plot involving alternative fuels and “big oil”.

Critics say most children will be lost on this subject matter while others think it is subtle propaganda being invented by the media to brainwash kids.

The film opened to mostly positive reviews, but viewers are divided.

People who watched the movie weigh in on about the movie:


“I was thoroughly disappointed in the ‘Cars’ sequel. Is it really necessary to show the Cars characters having martinis? Also, quite a bit of violence, with cars shooting at each other and blowing each other up. This movie was intended for children, am I right? Shame on you Disney.” –Bev, Kentucky

Really? Starts out with “bad guy” cars being explicitly killed. Then a “good guy” car gets tortured for information and then killed. Whole gang threatened with death. Guns throughout. Is this a PIXAR movie? What the hell were they thinking? NOT a kids movie at all. MPAA should be ashamed for their so called “G” rating. Awful, Awful, Awful.” –Bruce, North Carolina

“Undoubtedly the worst Pixar film I have ever seen – and I am a big fan. The plot was boring and even the kids around me were leaving the theater out of boredom…left and right. It was like Wall-E on downers…..huge disappointment. The only great part was the short in the beginning with Barbie and Ken.” –Jeannine, Ohio


“Having seen the movie my conclusion is that critics just don’t know how to have fun these days. No, this isn’t Pixar’s “deepest” film, whatever that means, but it isn’t supposed to be. It’s a James-Bond-meets-NASCAR buddy flick, and it’s loads of fun. I also disagree with those that find fault with its humor, my family and I were swapping one-liners from it all the way home.” –Tom, Connecticut

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