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Mitt Romney’s great grandfather escaped to Mexico because of polygamy

He may not look Mexican, but his family might as well be.

No, Mitt Romney isn’t Mexican, but part of his family lineage still remains in Mexico today.

Mitt Romney’s family roots go back to Mexico when his ancestors were religious pioneers who traveled to mexico over 100 years ago.

Mitt Romney doesn’t say much about his family history. He has said that his family escaped to Mexico because of religious persecution in the United States. Mitt Romney is of the Mormon faith.

In fact, Romney’s great grandfather, Miles Park Romney fled to Mexico to escape prosecution of polygamy, or having more than one spouse.

Romney is happily married to one wife and her name is Ann Romney.

Romney’s family members aren’t shying away from their Mormonism.

Mitt Romney’s second cousin Leighton Romney, a family member who still lives in Mexico 175 miles south of the border said “We’re Christians, complete in every sense of the word. I don’t think that any candidate for any office would shy away from their religion. I think it’s something to stand up and be proud of,” he said.

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