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Cosmic blast from sun could cause increased aurora this weekend

Scientists at NASA sense a disturbance in the force…no, not that force, but the electromagnetic field around the earth as a nice sized energy blast from the sun called a coronal mass ejection (CME) is headed towards earth.

The blast of charged particles and solar radiation from the sun could cause increased aurora’s in the sky and black out radio transmissions near the earth’s poles Saturday, but experts say that’s nothing compared to what a more powerful belch from the sun could cause.

The solar flare headed towards the earth from the storm is an M3.2 solar flare, but NASA says an X class solar flare could knock out communications satellites and power grids.

The sun goes through an 11 year cycle of increasing and decreasing activity and we can expect to see the sun acting up more and more as we head to a peak of activity in 2013.

Viewers in more northern latitudes have better chances of seeing the aurora, but a huge solar flare caused a burst of sky glow in October of last year that sky watchers in Pennsylvania could see.

Check Space Weather.com this weekend to see pictures of the aurora.

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