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Warm temperatures driving people outside to exercise

Could global warming make us healthier?

This Hurricane may kill you while you are out jogging.

This Hurricane may kill you while you are out jogging.

It hit the upper 60’s this week here in Baltimore, and you can see it everywhere.

All of the sudden, you have to avoid running people over in the streets while they are out jogging. I mean, who wants to be cramped up inside on a hamster wheel all day.

Now, I am not saying that global warming is behind this, but if it is…keep it up! If it means getting people outside more in the winter and off the couch, let’s melt those icecaps!

Sure, you’ll be rowing a boat instead of jogging if you live by the coast, but hey, burn those calories!

All the time, you hear arguments against global warming, let’s have some arguments for it!

Most meterologists are saying a movement north of the jet stream is behind the warmer temperatures in some parts of the country, and apparently even they may have to talk about the consequences of global warming during their newscasts.

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