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Hugo Chavez shipping oil to Syria in support of bloodshed

Chavez says Syria victim of "imperialist aggression" by United States

Explosions in Syria uprising.

Explosions in Syria uprising.

A London intelligence agency spotted a Venezuelan oil tanker sailing into a port in Syria controlled by Bashar al-Assad for the second time since December.

Assad’s bloody crackdown of a political uprising in Syria continues as the death toll rises.

The oil shipment comes from Venezuela’s leader Hugo Chavez, who has sent oil shipments to Iran in the past, angering U.S. leaders.

Chavez spoke on oil shipments to the United States:

“Have we by any chance asked the United States what it does with the fuel we sell to the United States?” he said in an exchange with reporters at the presidential palace last week. “Have we by any chance allowed anyone to impose conditions on our sale of petroleum to the United States?” He said that the answer was no and added, “We are a free country.”

There are no sanctions in the U.S. or Europe on fuel shipments to Syria like there are for Iran.

Chavez is constantly on state media attacking the United States and calling for support of Middle Eastern countries calling them victims of the U.S.’s imperialist aggression.

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