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Ohio school shooter tweeted he would bring gun to school, three more kids dead in shooting

Posted threatening letter on Facebook two months before shooting

Chardon High School where the killer struck.

Chardon High School where the killer struck.

Now there’s three students dead in this tragedy because a very sick kid claims he was “bullied”. I wonder where he got the idea to use a gun to shoot up his school…perhaps the movies that come out of Hollywood, or better yet, Psychowood.

Most likely he was just following in his bully idols from the Columbine shooting years ago, because they were bullied too, and it is only the bully fighting back.

Of course the gunman will be hailed a hero and a role model for bullied children everywhere. I wonder how many other “bullied” children will take after him.

Sorry, but being bullied is part of growing up. But little Johnny, you can’t bring a gun to school and shoot people. That’s called murder.

What’s the kid’s first reaction…he sees some wacked out drug addict blow someone away on tv, and instead of using his brain to talk and think his way out of his depression, he snaps and loses his mind.

Now three kids are dead. Sure they may have been bullies, but now this jerk is the real bully. Doesn’t get any worse than shooting three kids just coping with growing up. Now that’s a real bully.

Shame on the school for not looking into this guy. Looks like he went to an alternative school, but still went to the general population school before a bus came to pick him up in the morning. If you ask me, he shouldn’t have been in school at all. School is not for kids like this.

Looking at photos of this kid, Lane or whatever his name is, he looks like the typical psychopath obsessed with body image and narcissism.

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He even posted a really terrible suicide note which borders on really terrible poetry that was posted on Facebook. Hello! Facebook, you have a psychopath on your website, and you didn’t do jack.

If the loser really wanted a gun, he would have gone to any length to get one, even if the wackos try to ban guns. I just hope they don’t prop this guy up as some bully martyr, because you know they will in the media.

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