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Army of tornadoes blast through Midwest killing 9 leaving thousands in the dark

More tornadoes predicted in Appalachians later today

Shout out to MSNBC
  • tornado in oklahoma

    The National Weather Service confirmed twisters touched down in parts of the Midwest last night including Branson Missouri where one of the storms touched down in a trailer park causing deaths.

    “The theater next to me kind of exploded. It went everywhere. The hotels on the two sides of me lost their roofs. Power lines are down. Windows are blown out,” John Moore, owner of the damaged Cakes-n-Creams ’50s Diner said. “There’s major, major destruction. There has to be millions dollars of damage all down the strip.

    The National Weather Service said it was forecasting more tornadoes on Wednesday, including “one or two possibly strong” ones as well as “damaging wind over parts of the Tennessee Valley to southern Appalachians” into the evening.

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    The tornado season usually starts in March MSNBC says but sometimes they come earlier in the year. I think this year’s weather is going to be crazier than usual.

    Could it be due to global warming?

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