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Live aurora pictures from solar flare storm this morning

Solar storm causes dancing colors in the sky

The green color results from oxygen atoms in the atmosphere giving off energy.

Aurora occur near the earth's magnetic poles.

The colors that you see are the result of charged particles from the sun colliding with gases in the earth's atmosphere.

Picture from live camera feed from The Aurora Sky Station in Sweden during early morning of March 7

Look no farther if you are looking for the aurora from the massive x5 class solar flare that blasted earth early this morning!

The aurora forecast looks good through tonight as well. There were already some radio blackouts caused by the massive solar eruption.

The Sun is unusually quiet this solar cycle, but now appears to be firing up.

Please visit The Aurora Sky Station for more the latest images from the storm and visit them sometime if you’re in Sweden.

Also try Yellowknife Canada’s live aurora cam.

If you’re still not satisfied or missed seeing the aurora, watch this

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