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Coke and Pepsi change soft drink formula to avoid giving people cancer

Experts say you would have to drink more than 10,000 cans a day to get cancer

  • Coca Cola and Pepsi say they will adjust their formula.

    Coca Cola and Pepsi say they will adjust their formula.

    Is it still safe to drink a Coke on a hot summer day any more?

    California comes out of left field again over a lab study with mice and rodents that were fed an ingredient in Pepsi and Coke soft drinks that gave them cancer.

    The chemical 4-methylimidazole is produced when making the caramel coloring for their sodas, and now the government doesn’t want you drinking Coke and Pepsi.

    Never mind the fact you would need to drink 10,000 sodas a day to kill yourself. This was a study on mice.

    Could it be because it tastes good? I think I smell the health nut first lady behind this.

    Yeah, I drank a lot of soda back in the day. I still have all my teeth. I’m not diabetic. I know that soda is bad.

    But you should still be allowed to drink it. Quick, run to the grocery store to get your Cokes!

    If you grow fur and begin going through trash you may have transformed into a rat.

    So just because California THINKS it might cause cancer I can’t have it.

    Well, we all know the psychos in Holly Wack all know what’s best for America, so we should move the the capital to California and Obama and Michelle can run the country from Sean Penn’s house.

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