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Ripped former Mr. Universe turns 100 years old, wrinkles and all

Tiny 100 year old could bench press your...grandmother??

  • A fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Manohar Aich, from Kolkata, India turned 100 years old, and is ripped like you wouldn’t believe for his age.

    He says one of his secrets is refusing alcohol and tobacco, but adds a simple diet of milk, fruits and vegetables, along with rice, lentils and fish helps.

    He has advice for young people:

    “These youngsters want the easy way out these days,” Aich said. “They don’t have the time and energy to go through the drills in an old-style gymnasium. They don’t worship their body.”

    He went to jail for slapping a British Officer for making an offensive remark when he was in the air force and even found time to work out in jail.

    Aich suffered a stroke in 2011 when he stopped lifting.

    I think that was a smart move.

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