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Guitarist fears rabies after scared bat nervously pees in his eye

  • A bat like this may contain rabies.

    A bat like this may contain rabies.

    Rock guitarist Andrew Joseph’s Facebook profile picture contains a picture of a bat after a bat peed in his eye after he startled the creature by turning on a light in his friend’s house.

    “Ok so… A bat peed in my eye,” guitarist Andrew Elstner wrote on his Facebook page March 29. “Whether or not you think I’m telling the truth is irrelevant at this point. What I’m worried about now is rabies. A bat. It pissed into my eye. [God] help me.”

    “I switch on the overhead light/ceiling fan combo and what I think at first is a shadow being cast from the spinning fan blades turns out to be a freaking bat,” the musician explained. “It circles the room a few times at light speed, and on one of the turns, dive bombs my head and squirts a little nervous pee into my eye. Holy [expletive]. I’m laughing but run to the sink and attempt to flush my eye out. I’m pretty sure I’m fine but…Not the most common of occurrences.”

    He added, “With rabies, you have a short window to get treated, and beyond that, it is incurable and 100% fatal. Having said all that, I feel like I’m getting treated for a unicorn bite. Bunch of nonsense.”

    Why are bats living in your friend’s house? Does he live in a haunted mansion in the woods? For Pete’s sake.

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