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Cameras allowed inside Foxconn plant where iPads are made

  • For the first time ever, Foxconn allows western TV crews to show Americans where Apple’s iPads and iPhone’s are made.

    The company has come under fire lately for factory working conditions and worker suicides.

    Workers work a 60 hour work week with barely time to sleep and eat making $2 an hour, compared to an American electronics factory worker making $23 an hour with a 40 hour work week.

    18 Foxconn workers jumped to their death at one of the factories where Apple places orders for iPads and iPhones. Suicide nets were placed around the windows at the factory to prevent workers from killing themselves.

    Since then, Apple has ordered changes made to worker conditions at the factories.

    One worker in the video is shown a finished iPad for the first time.

    Results from an audit are to be released in a couple of weeks detailing working conditions at the factories.

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