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No 3D boobs for Chinese “Titanic” fans

No surprise that the Chinese State Board of Film, Radio, and Television would censor the scene in James Cameron’s “Titanic” where actress Kate Winslet poses nude.

Moviegoers in China will only see a close of Winslet’s face above the bust line in the scene where Jack draws Rose nude.

Check out the reason behind censoring the scene (yeah, I’m sure this is why):

“Considering the vivid 3-D effects, we fear that viewers may reach out their hands for a touch and thus interrupt other people’s viewing. To avoid potential conflicts between viewers and out of consideration of building a harmonious ethical social environment, we’ve decided to cut off the nudity scenes.” An SARFT official said in a statement.

The scene was shown uncensored 15 years ago in China in the original non-3d version.

One online fan commented:

“15 years ago in Titanic, we got to see the nudity scenes. 15 years later in Titanic 3D, the scenes are censored out. This shows exactly how many steps forward we’ve made in terms of technology and how many steps backward we’ve made in terms of freedom.”

Some fans even made fun of the censorship with satirical witty comments.

“I waited 15 years to see 3D boobs, not 3D iceberg.” Some are simply grossed out by the decision. “Such a beautiful scene. The heads of these officials must be full of dirty shit,” commented one fan. Another asked, “Does it mean that when reviewing the movie, those officials at SARFT have already touched…whatever they wanted to touch and thus the fear of us doing the same?”

It seems China hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years.

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