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Beckel drops F-bomb on Hannity show refused to apologize

“You say that Head Start is a failure, you don’t know what the f— you’re talking about,” Beckel barked as the show returned from a commercial break.

That’s what Bob Beckel said on Hannity last night as the show was coming back from a commercial.

“Whoa! Bleep!” yelled Hannity when the F-word was launched. “What are you doing?”

“Failure,” said Hannity’s other guest Stefano.

“I just can’t stand right-wingers. They’ve just got their mouths running all the time,” Beckel explained.

Beckel responded, “I don’t apologize.” when Hannity asked him to.

“Yes you do. You just cursed on the air,” fired back Hannity.

“I’m not gonna apologize,” Beckel affirmed.

“All right, I apologize for you,” said Hannity, as the reality of what had just happened sank in.

“I try to put signs up and help you,” Hannity told Beckel.

Beckel finally said, “I’m sorry about using that foul word, yes. But the intent about it is still there.”

“And you should run your show a little better,” he continued, “instead of having me get caught like that.”

“Now you’re blaming me for this,” said Hannity.

“Typical liberal,” added Stefano. “No personal responsibility.”

“You’re like Obama – you’re blaming me,” Hannity clowned.

Beckel apologized later on Twitter explaining, “I apologize to anyone who heard me on Hannity. I honestly thought we were off air. I just may not be cut out for the tv business. Peace.”

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