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2012: Screw the Mayans, the Cannibals are taking over!

Experts warn of increasing trend of people munching

Cannibals are taking over the world. The Mayans were wrong.

Cannibals are taking over the world. The Mayans were wrong.

With the recent spat of stories in the news about bizarre acts of cannibalism, people eating people’s faces off, growling and lockjawed, threatening to eat police officers, it’s no wonder the conspiracy loons haven’t jumped all over this.

I mean, the Mayans couldn’t have predicted a zombie apocalypse to end the world.

Or could they have…

There is something in the water or the air that is causing people to turn into zombies and eat people’s faces off. Is this is a sign of the end of the world?

Let me know what you think below…

Experts warn trend could explode

Deborah Schurman-Kauflin writes that the recent glut of cannibal stories in the news can cause copycat crimes because of the huge amount of media attention given to the stories.

Experts say the trend began two weeks ago when a Tokyo Man served his genitals to diners at the cost of 100,000 yen. In Japan, acts of consensual cannibalism are not considered criminal.

Kauflin said:

“Most cannibals are extreme loners,” concluded Deborah Schurman-Kauflin in a 2011 article for Psychology Today magazine. “They do not have friends and they are bitter about it. Killing and eating a victim ensures that the offender is never alone.”

Were Mayans Cannibals?

While it is know that Mayan cultures practiced human sacrifice, there is no evidence that they were eating the poor souls whose heads were lopped off and tossed down a pyramid.

I think I’m onto something here.

Perhaps that very incident is not resurfacing in the Mayan Calendar cycle in a different form…people food.

Yes, people food.

I’m not a liar, but I sure ain’t a fool.

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