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The marital struggles of the Barn Swallows

  • Regurgitation is fun when you are getting fed.

    Regurgitation is fun when you are getting fed.

    Right outside my door is an interesting experiment that may be applicable to humans along with a struggle to survive.

    Two Barn Swallows always come to nest every spring right outside on the lighting fixtures of our apartment. They come back every year despite the fact that the apartment manager came by once and tossed the nest into the garbage along with the eggs the mother bird just laid and claimed they weren’t breaking any federal wildlife laws.

    Yet the birds come back every spring to try again to raise a family, and every spring the apartment manager comes by with the broom and trash bag…

    I told them they are a federally protected species and they snap back with the snarky reply of, “Well, they didn’t lay the eggs yet, so we are legally allowed to remove the nest…”

    They said this after my wife saw them toss the eggs into a black trash bag…

    So anyway, I come home from the graveyard shift, and I find that the female bird is sitting on the nest one floor below me, and it looks like the male bird is NOT EVEN in the same nest.

    He decided to spend the night on the lighting fixture one floor up, as if to say “Hey, I love you, but I need to spend the night up here, these eggs are taking up too much room…”

    The same logic might apply to human relationships as well. The more closely we look at our animal cousins, the more we realize how similar we are.

    Don’t tell that to Rick Santorum though, or he might bash you over the head with a Bible.

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