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First fully detailed panorama mosaic picture of crater on Mars from Curiosity arrives

Photos are highest resolution ever of Martian surface

  • A full mosaic panorama of photos from Curiosity’s camera shows the wall of Gale Crater.

    The pictures of the equivalent of what a human would see standing in the crater, comparable to a cellphone camera.

    The Curiosity rover is a $2.5 billion project designed to see if Mars was ever capable of supporting life, if it isn’t there now.

    Data sent back include 3D images, full-resolution black-and-white shots of the Mars’ surface, and a video showing the final phase of Curiosity’s harrowing descent through the planet’s atmosphere.

    This image released by NASA August 9, 2012 shows a view taken by Mastcam: Left (MAST_LEFT) on board NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 3. The view shows the mountains looming in the distance in front of Curiosity.

    This color image from NASA’s Curiosity rover looks south of the rover’s landing site on Mars toward Mount Sharp. The image on the left is as uncorrected while the image on the right is balanced to appear as if the landscape were under Earth sunlight.

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