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Chambers of the Mausoleum Haunted House tours in Corona, California designed to make you run screaming to your mommy

  • Hey, it’s never too late to start getting psyched for Halloween.

    These videos are tours of the Chambers of the Mausoleum Haunted House tour in Corona, California. The first video is from the 2010 Haunted Mansion and the second is the 2011 version. Watch them in full screen mode in HD for the best experience.

    In the dark of course…

    These remind of the time my family forced my grandmother to come with us to a Hanuted House in Wildwood, New Jersey.

    My grandmother was glued to me the entire time in fear of her life, and at the very end, a guy behind some bars revved up a toy chainsaw and came after her.

    Grandma bolted for the door and never looked back. But that was child’s play compared to these productions.

    Now when you watch these, you are probably thinking, why do I keep following these weird man deeper into the bowels of the haunted house where I am likely to be scared even more. If you have to ask yourself that, then you probably shouldn’t be in there in the first place!

    I gotta say, the maze like design is perfect and works well. Heck, they even add a little back-story in the beginning to get you in the right frame of mind.

    I love in the 2010 video when he says “I smell fresh meat! I will swallow your soul!”. That’s the kind of atmosphere you want in these places.

    The makeup and choreography are stunning and the actors are all professionals. Well done.

    Are you brave enough to watch? How long can you last?

    More info can be found at Coffin Creek.

    I’m gonna go get a fresh pair of pants now…

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