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Space elevator to launch spacecraft to the stars in 8 years

The video demonstrates the model for a space elevator designed by LiftPort Group.

LiftPort Group claims boron nitride nanotubes will revolutionize space construction technology by lowering costs to launch spacecraft into earth orbit.

A space elevator would work by constructing a ladder of sorts made of lightweight materials with robotic crawlers that would move cargo and passengers to and from Earth orbit.

They say the space elevator concept will lower current launch costs from $10,000 or so a pound to $100 a pound.

Famous sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke joked that the space elevator would be built “about 50 years after everybody quits laughing.”

Bryan Laubscher, the founder and president of Odysseus Technologies thinks the U.S. Department of Defense will be first to build the space elevator:

“I actually think that the first space elevator will be built by the U.S. Department of Defense,” he said. “The first one to build the space elevator owns space.”

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