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How did protesters get inside embassy in Libya? Who let them in? There were warnings

Reports now surfacing that Al Qaeda behind attack on embassy.

A question swirling around right now is how exactly protesters in Benghazi, Libya managed to breach the security of the U.S. embassy there and kill the U.S. ambassador and three others?

Preliminary reports seem to say that security was not taken seriously at the embassy, and upon first contacting protesters, a security guard apparently told them to “go away” and that they “can’t come in”.

How heavily fortified was the embassy? Apparently one of the embassy members was playing a computer game before he was murdered.

Why was he not standing guard?

It appears now that Al Qaeda members came back and stormed the embassy after testing the defenses.

There are many questions that will come out in the days after this important international incident, and many of the answers won’t be pretty.

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