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Lack of Mayan apocalypse could put millions out of work

Millions stand to profit from Mayan apocalypse.

Millions stand to profit from Mayan apocalypse.

If the Mayan apocalypse doesn’t come true, it could mean a recession in the huge doomsday business that bets on the predictions that all hell will break loose December 21.

The fact is, not much is expected to happen. The Mayans only predicted that the end of their long count calendar will only usher in a new era.

What kid of era that will be is yet to be determined.

But nothing has been found that says the world will end on December 21 2012 in Mayan literature.

However, that hasn’t stopped millions in the publishing and movie industry from cashing in on the more popular scenarios.

Some famous ones include Nibiru, a planet supposedly hiding behind the sun ready to wipe us out.

If it comes out to be true, the planet will come out from behind the sun and travel to Earth, physically tearing the planet apart and reversing its poles.

Sounds like a good time, if it were only true.

Scientists have been saying that its a physical and scientific impossibility for such a planet to be lurking in the solar system.

We would have seen it by now, and its gravitational effects would have been felt.

Many still are saying that the end of the Mayan calendar just means that the Earth is going to become a crazier place.

And that seems far more realistic, looking at the current state of things in the world from the Middle East to a global economic slowdown.

But those things have been going on forever, what makes it any different this time?

The doomsdayers will be watching.

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