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Nips out for Kate taking the world by storm

They might have to change the lyrics of the British National anthem to “God save the boobs”.

Ya know, I wasn’t going to do a story on this, but this seems to be a bigger issue than the Middle East being set on fire so here we go…

Now that's disturbing

Now that’s disturbing

You get an A for extra effort. Is that an egg yolk in a glass?

You get an A for extra effort. Is that an egg yolk in a glass?

A disturbing trend has arose where people are pasting Kate Middleton’s face over their bare breasted bodies and uploading them to Tumblr.

I guess we should rename the Buckingham Palace to Bucknakedham Palace.

Reportedly there are already 200 pictures of Kate Middleton’s breasts on the internet. Wait, not even Prince William has seen them 200 times yet.

Maybe Kate should have married Harry since he’s the one that likes to be naked all the time.

The question is, why are they all men? Where are the ladies?

What is wrong with you people?

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