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Apple’s iOS 6 update slow as molasses for some

Oh yeah. You know you want this.

Oh yeah. You know you want this.


The iPad has finished and I am zooming around Google Maps in 3D like a boss. The iPhone has also now updated and I am officially on iOS 6. Time to give Siri a test.

The best advice I can give for those waiting for it to download and install is to be patient, and make sure your phone is plugged in. There are a lot of people waiting in line to download. You may get lucky and get a fast connection to the server.

The iPad finished the update in about 8 minutes. Now, it is sitting at preparing update. Preparing for what? Digital Armageddon?

The wife’s phone is almost done! Wow, I really got stuck in the slow lane this time.

The iPhone is still sitting there…I have to leave for work in a few hours. If I leave the house, will the update pause and continue on 3G? We will find out.

I also found out that Ping is officially dead with the latest iTunes update. Ping, you were always a fun little tool to play with, but that’s all you were. RIP.

Apple is pushing out its new iOS 6 operating system to iPads and iPhones all across the digital universe, but for some it seems the update is more of a hassle.

Many reported slow download times over fast connections as millions try to access the latest software from Apple that will include new features like turn by turn Siri navigation and 200 new features.

I am upgrading both my iPhone and iPad, the iPad is running the update much faster than the iPhone is, making me think there are more iPhones than iPads out there in the wilderness.

I’ll be looking forward to the turn by turn Siri navigation, because having to click through to each direction with Google almost got me killed once.

What bugs me is that iOS 6 is free for current iPhone users. Unless you are running a really old model, why are you upgrading to the newest iPhone 5, which is being dubbed the “Longphone”.

Some people just have to have the latest and greatest. Have fun, but I’ll enjoy virtually all the same features the iPhone 5 will have on my iPhone 4S.

Happy updating! Longphone cat will track your update progress

Check out a test of Siri’s sportscaster feature here.

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