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Stop sign cameras may be coming to Maryland next after Washington DC

Stop! In the name of big brother!

  • Stop sign cameras are all the craze in California

    Stop sign cameras are all the craze in California

    City officials say it’s not about the revenue — it’s about safety.

    Stop sign cameras are being installed in Washington DC after officials found out they were raking in the dough in big brother heavy California.

    Failing to come to a complete stop at one of them will cost you $50. Speed cameras across Maryland and Washington DC have been raking in the dough, but officials say its not enough.

    The cameras will be installed in 16 areas near schools in Washington DC. The speed cameras around schools and work zones currently in place are on 24/7. They will tag you even if it is 3 am in the morning with no one out but you.

    Residents will have a 30 day warning period before fines go into effect.

    Reports of vandalism of speed cameras are on the rise as the public rebels against what they call an overbearing big brother environment.

    Many say speed cameras are not enough of a deterrent, and say the fact that penalizing points are not added to the driver’s license only will cause recurring offenses.

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