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During debate, both candidates want a balanced approach to solving problems

But does the rhetoric stand up to the record

Photo by <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/8052091470/">Donkey Hotey</a>

Photo by Donkey Hotey

But the sitting president’s record is not standing up to his rhetoric.

It’s great how Obama’s solution to the spending problem the U.S. is facing is to spend more.

That’s more spending, not less. Look to the stimulus package Obama passed. Look to Obama’s health care plan.

As if doing the same things his predecessor did that he loves to blame would fix everything. Sadly, it hasn’t.

The president’s solution seems to be to raise taxes on wealthy Americans to pay for the increased spending. This approach hasn’t worked before in the previous administration. Taxes were lowered, but spending remained high.

The housing crisis finally erupted at the pinnacle of all the spending and money printing. And here we are.

Obama played it cool though. Romney at times during the debate seemed to get agitated and hot under the collar, taking control of the debate and interrupting the moderators while taking an aggressive stance.

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